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Art, like life, is a process. If I look at the process closer, I can visualize it in terms of a board game. Strategies are required; but things also happen by chance. This exhibit reflects people's intuitive reactions—the ways we try to bring clarity to our place in the world. I've incorporated a board game structure as a metaphor for the way people maneuver through life. Throughout the work I explore dialogues that occur both on a formal level such as shape, texture and the arrangement of parts and also on an emotional and intellectual level like finding balance and exploring possibilities. Although the concept is derived from games, the pieces are organic—tactile materials such as cast paper pulp, handmade sheets of paper, fabric and thread. Process is a real component to me. I want the exhibit to incorporate a sense of investigation and a desire to explore the possibilities in the installation of work. The pieces evolve. The more time I have to focus on the process, the more fruitful the evolution.—Jill Odegaard


Photos by S.E.Chambers and John Clay
Installation art © 2002 Jill Odegaard